Below you’ll find information about the requirements that are needed in order for our service to work.

Access to Soundtrack Business

Sign up for Soundtrack Business if you haven't already.

A device

Decide how to play your music. You need one device per location. Learn more about our supported devices.

A sound system

Your device needs to be connected to your sound system. Any existing audio installation with line-input should work just fine. Player for Soundtrack Business supports wireless playback through AirPlay and Bluetooth. Learn how to us Sonos here

Internet requirements

To ensure the best possible user experience, we recommend that you use a wired solution connected to the device or that you use a dedicated WIFI channel.

Recommended dedicated bandwidth: 

At least 0.5 Mbit/s

Recommended configured cache size: 

At least 5 GB for Windows and iOS. The Soundtrack Player is predefined since the box is only used for playing music.

The offline mode in Soundtrack Business means that the player downloads songs to your device to have music to play if you lose your Internet connection, but you need to have storage on your device for this to work. 

How long it takes for your device to download the songs depends on the number of songs, your dedicated bandwidth, Internet speed and song quality. You can test your Internet speed here.

Firewall settings

Your firewall needs to be open for outgoing traffic for our service to work, so make sure the following ports are open for outbound traffic:

80 (TCP) - HTTP
443 (TCP) - HTTPS
53 (UDP/TCP) - DNS
123 (UDP) - NTP

Please note that this information applies to all supported devices and that the devices do not need any ports for incoming traffic. 

If you have strict web filtering e.g. are blocking certain websites, our services might not work. If possible, please allow full access to the devices for outgoing traffic.