Our iOS player is an interactive and fun way to play music in your place of business. The iOS player is available for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 9. 


1. Download the "Player for Soundtrack Business" app from App Store.

2. Connect the audio cable between the device and your speakers, make sure you have internet access.

3. Open the app and enter the pairing code. Find out where you find the pairing code.

4. Enjoy the music!

Learn your way around the app

Skip song and volume

See what song is currently playing, adjust volume and skip songs.

Change music

Change the soundtrack that's playing by clicking on its name.

Display your music

Easily display what's currently playing.

Recently played

See what tracks you've been playing in your history. You find the history by clicking on the menu button > Recently played.

Need help?

Check out this guide for fast and easy troubleshooting.