Before you can start playing music, you need to connect your device to your location using a pairing code. 

Pairing your first location

1. To access a pairing code, you need to create a location on your account. Follow this getting started guide to add your first location. If you want to pair a device on a current account, please jump to the section called "Pairing all other locations" below.

2. Once you choose to activate your account and selected a device, a pairing code will show in your web browser.

3. Download the "Player for Soundtrack Business" application on your device.

4. Enter the pairing code in the application and click on "Connect player."

5. Your device is now connected!

Pairing all other locations

Each location needs to be connected to a dedicated device using a pairing code. If you want to add a second location, you can find the pairing code by doing the following:

1. Log into with your email address and password.

2. Click on "Locations" in the top menu. Choose to create a new one, or click on the name of a current one.

3. Under "Setup zone", click on "Connect" next to the device you want to use.

4. The pairing code will show up on the screen.

5. Download "Player for Soundtrack Business" on your device, and enter the pairing code.

6. Enjoy the music!

Note that: If you're not able to pair the device right away, you can click on "Cancel" in the top right corner. The pairing code will be saved under the zone information until you enter the pairing code in the application on the device you want to use.