Soundtracks and playlists that include tracks with sensitive lyrics are marked as “explicit”. Most of our soundtracks have been filtered for these tracks, but we do have some soundtracks with explicit content. 


Soundtracks are marked as explicit in the soundtrack overview, as well as in the detailed view of the specific soundtrack. To view our soundtracks, go to Discover Music and and scroll down to "All soundtracks". You'll find the "explicit" tag in the upper left corner of a soundtrack if it includes sensitive tracks.

You can also click on the button to the right to see a list of all soundtracks that's included in Soundtrack Business.

You can easily sort the soundtracks on explicit content and energy level. Click on one specific soundtrack to learn more about it. Explicit track information will be displayed to the right of the soundtrack explanation. 


Visit the Playlists under Discover music. The playlists which includes explicit tracks are tagged with "explicit."

Click on a specific playlist to find more information about it. A playlist that includes explicit tracks will have a "explicit" tag.

If there is a track that needs to be removed from a non-explicit soundtrack, please contact us.