There are different ways to change the music that's playing. 

Add new music

Go to "Discover music" and select a soundtrack or playlist that you'd like to add to your account. When you’ve found music that fits your business, just click “Play.” The music will be assigned to a zone of your choice. All the soundtracks and playlists you select will be saved under “Your Music.”

Change the music on a specific zone

Go to "Locations" in the top menu, and click on the name of your zone. Simply click on the "Change music" button and select one of the soundtracks or playlists from the list.


Change music using our remote app
No matter how carefully you plan your work week, reality doesn’t always stick to the plan. With our remote app, your staff can change music, fine-tune the volume or skip tracks in order to adjust to changing conditions. The app supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from App Store on devices with iOS 9. Click here to get started.