You can find the right music for your business by browsing our professionally curated soundtracks and playlists. Switch between soundtracks and playlists by clicking the tabs at the top of the Discover Music page.


Soundtracks are displayed by name and genre. Click on the list button to see energy level and explicit content. 

You can sort the soundtracks by name, explicit content or energy level. Preview the soundtracks by clicking the settings button and selecting “Preview”. Previews last about 15 minutes playing 10 second clips of included tracks. Assign a soundtrack to a location by clicking the play button on the image. 


Playlists are categorized by genre and style such as "Working out" or decade.

Previewing a playlist will play about 30 seconds of the track and you can preview as many tracks as you like. Click the play button next to the track you would like to preview in the playlist.

Pro tip: You can schedule our soundtracks and playlists to create the perfect sound for your business. Learn more here.