There can be different reasons to why the music temporarily stops playing on your Android device. Follow these 4 quick steps to fix the problem right away.

1. Restart the app

Open the Multitasking menu on your device and swipe on the "Player for Soundtrack Business app" to close it. Then, open the app again.

2. Check your internet connection

Check if you have an internet connection by visiting a random website, e.g. If it doesn’t work, please check your internet connection.

3. Reinstall the app

On your device, go to your Settings. Tap on Applications, select the "Player for Soundtrack Business app" and select Uninstall. Then, open Google Play and search for "Player for Soundtrack Business" and download the app again.

4. Restart the Android device

Press and hold down the Power button and select to shut off the device. Then turn the device back on again.

Need help?

Contact your Soundtrack Business admin to get help to troubleshoot Soundtrack Business as admin. Or contact us, and we'll gladly help you out.