You can schedule our ready-made playlists and soundtracks to create different moods throughout the day. Get a quick introduction to our scheduling tool from our Music team here. 

You can also follow the guide below and have your schedule playing within minutes. Remember that you need to have your device all set up and playing before you can create a schedule. And also check that you’ll have the latest update for our Player app installed on your device.

1. Create a schedule

Go to "Your Music", and click on "Schedules." Then, click on the blue button where it says "Create schedule" and give your new schedule a name.

2. Schedule your music

You can find your added music to the left of the schedule. Drag and drop a playlist or a soundtrack to a day and time when you want it to play. Remember to schedule the music so that it covers your opening hours. 

Need to add more music? Just go to Discover music to find soundtracks and/or playlists that you like. Learn more on how to add them to your account here. Right now, you can't use your personal playlists in Soundtrack Business.

You can create a sequence by placing several playlists or soundtracks in one time slot. A track from each will play in the order that the sequence is planned. Drag and drop the playlist or soundtrack in your sequence to change the order. Remove a playlist or soundtrack from a sequence by clicking on the minus (-) symbol next to its name.

Pro tip:

* Save time by copying a scheduled time slot to the next day. Hold ALT while dragging and dropping the planned music to the time slot where you want to copy it.

* Schedule a soundtrack for the entire day by holding Shift while double clicking on the playlist or soundtrack.

* You can choose if you want your schedule to start on a Monday, Saturday or Sunday. Click on the profile picture and open your personal setting, scroll down and change day under "Scheduling."

3. Save your schedule

Remember to “Save” the schedule and press "Closed" when you're done.

4. Change music

Choose to play the schedule in your locations. Click on the play button on the schedule.

Choose which locations/zones you want to assign the schedule to.