Soundtrack Business lets you play music offline. The player downloads tracks to your device when you're online to have music to play if you lose your internet connection. How long it takes for your device to download the tracks depends on the number of tracks, your dedicated bandwidth, and your internet speed. 

There is no way to turn off or turn on the offline mode. The offline mode will be activated as soon as you lose your internet connection, to ensure you never go silent. Please note that: 

  • You can't change music when you're offline so make sure you're connected to the internet when doing so to enable the device to change music.
  • You need to have storage on your device for the offline mode to work.

You can find out how much music we can to download to your device by checking your storage settings. 

1. Log in to with your email address and password.

2. Click on "Locations" in the top menu.

3. Click on the zone that you want to find this settings for.

4. Click on the tab that's called "Zone settings."

You'll find the storage under the device information. In the example below, 2% of the music has been downloaded to the device. In this case, that's 4 hours of music. Click on the small arrow next to where it says "8GB" to change how much music we can download to your device.